Thursday, 23 January 2014

Generation One Here I Come!

This is Amanda Solaris, she will be my main sim. 
Her traits are: Athletic, Brave, Commitment Issues, Loves the Outdoors and Neat.
Her Lifetime Wish: Become an Astronaut

This is Katie Wheeler, she will be one of the two sims that make up the couple.
Her traits are: Artistic, Couch Potato, Natural Cook, Neurotic and Over-Emotional
Her Lifetime Wish: Living in the Lap of Luxury

This is Phil Wheeler, he will be the other half of my couple.
His traits are: Animal Lover, Couch Potato, Good Sense of Humour, Green Thumb and Natural Cook 
His Lifetime Wish: The Perfect Garden

Btw Phil's eyes aren't always that narrow, I think I took the picture as he is one of what he normally looks like:

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