Saturday, 25 January 2014

1.2 Getting to Know the Neighbours

Katie just couldn't be separated from her easel. It seemed every waking moment she was painting, only stopping when it was time to eat or go to bed. She would paint and paint for hours on end, seemingly lost in her own little world.
"You know Kate, we really should build a study or something, the smell of paint in the kitchen isn't the most appetizing thing." Phil said to her one day.
"Well when we have the money we will build one," Kate smiled, "Don't want to contaminate your delicious meals with the taste of paint now do we?"
Phil put his hands on her waist from behind. 
"Hey hey!" Kate yelled, "You'll make me ruin my painting!"
It seemed that all that Kate was interested in was painting, nobody, not even her husband could stop her.
Amanda looked at her phone, "For crying out loud, this is the fifth call from him today, why can't he just leave me alone?" She complained.
Annoyed, she hit the accept call button, ignoring the calls wouldn't make him go away.
"What is it Nick?" She sighed.
"No Nick, I thought I made it clear, it was a one time thing!" Why couldn't he understand
"Yes it was fun, but --"
"No, Nick, I'm not in love with you. Stay with your wife, it's pointless you ruining your family's life. I don't want to be with you."
"Goodbye Nick. Maybe I'll talk to you when you've come to your senses!" She hit the end call button.
"Ammy, you do realise that he's coming to the party right?" Katie asked.
"What? What party?"
"I invited a few of the neighbours round to get to know them."
"Why did you invite him?! Didn't you realise it would be awkward??"
"I...I thought you liked him." Katie said.
Amanda groaned, "I'm gonna go get showered and changed."
The party had started, everybody was chatting, dancing, eating and generally getting along well. 
Nick continually tried to approach Amanda, and it was getting on her nerves. She decided to act.
She chose one of the best looking guys she could find, Bobby Sargeant.
"Hi, I'm Amanda." She said, oh so sweetly.
"Hey, my name's Bobby. Welcome to the neighbourhood."
"Thanks, so what do you do for fun around here?" She asked
"Oh, there's quite a bit to do, maybe I can show you one time." He said, obviously not catching what she had meant.
"Oh I bet you can show me a few fun things." She said in her sexiest voice. She briefly glanced around and saw that both Nick and Phil were looking at her with a look of shock mixed with disgust. She didn't care what Phil thought of her, he wasn't important here, but her plan seemed to be working concerning Nick.
Amanda and Bobby continued to flirt together and eventually the rest of the world was completely drowned out to Amanda. 

Phil went over to Nick and said in a quiet voice, "I feel like I should have warned you, Amanda's a bit of a heartbreaker."
Nick looked at him, "You sound like you're talking from experience."
"Me and Amanda? Oh no, nothing ever happened between us."
"Nothing, I was just saying I've seen other guys fall for her just like you did."
"So you've known Amanda for how long?"
"Since we were kids. I met her through Katie, me and Katie were in the same class at school."
"And you chose Katie? Why?" Nick stopped himself suddenly "No offence, I just don't get it."
"I love Katie, she's nothing like her sister." Phil said.
"Yes...yes I can see that. I'm gonna go mingle somewhere else. Nothing to do with you."
"I understand"
Amanda hadn't even realised that Nick wasn't watching any more. Phil watched the heartbroken man walk away.
"You know Bobby, you're incredibly handsome." Amanda said.
"And you're shockingly beautiful. It's a shame I'm already married." Bobby replied.
"You mean, you don't want to..." Amanda asked, pouting.
"Oh I do, I will. I was just saying, it can only be once ok? I don't want you falling in love with me."
Amanda smiled, "I think that you understand me entirely, Bobby. I'm just looking for some fun. Nothing more."
"Perfect. Is it ok if I stay over tonight then?" He asked, "I'll tell Scout, I didn't want to walk home after the party so crashed on the couch or something."
"I don't care what you tell her. But it's fine with me if you stay. Now, enough talking." She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply.
"Shall we take this somewhere else." Bobby asked.
So they headed down the corridor and when nobody was looking sneaked into the bathroom. Amanda went over to the shower and turned it on.
"I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't expecting the shower to be your first choice."
"Well, I want something fun, fun and different."
"This is certainly going to be...different." He smiled.
"Are we just going to stand around here talking?" Amanda asked
"No, I have much better plans for you." Bobby smiled, taking his clothes off.
"Oh my, you look even better than I imagined." Amanda said.
"Shhhh" Bobby said, his finger brushed her lips and then his kissed her and began to remove her clothes too.


  1. Oooh--Amanda can be cruel, lol The not so nice side of her "I just want to have fun." mentality. Though really, Nick, you're married? Go chase your wife! It seems like Amanda likes married men, is that on purpose, or coincidental? Makes me wonder just what did happen between her and Phil...

    I love how Katie (I almost wrote that as Kaity, but that is Gemma's fault, lol :P ) is so focused on her painting that nothing can drag her away, not even her husband.

    1. LMAO! Sorry! I did it too ;) And I also typoed 'Amanda' as 'Amazing' somehow. At least Katie/Kaity makes sense!! :P

  2. Oh my, Amanda is an interesting thing. I wonder if her Katie knows this side of her sister and ever wonders..

  3. Huh... Amanda likes her fun, huh? Can't say I blame her too much though ;) haha
    I also wonder if Katie knows the heartbreaker that her sister is... Probably though, right? I mean, it'd be kinda hard not to notice

  4. My, Amanda's quite the heartbreaker isn't she? I wonder why she's so determined not to have more than one encounter with anyone... Phil really doesn't like that side of her does he? Does he just disapprove, or did she do something like break a friend's heart? Whereas Katie seems to be so wrapped up in her painting that she's oblivious to it all.

    I love the different characters you're writing here and the way they interact :)

  5. Well, now we see why Phil has problems with Amanda. Although I think it's good that she told Nick to stick with his family. Though she shouldn't have gotten together with him in the beginning in that case. It does make me happy that Phil is so devoted to his wife and doesn't care that Amanda is 'prettier'. Although, Amanda needs to make some time for him in-between her painting.

  6. Tut tut Amanda!! All these married men falling at her feet! This is NOT gunna end well...
    So... Phil... Spill! What happened? ;)

    Wow, what Nick said about Katie being beneath Amanda was just plain wrong. Good think Amanda doesn't want a relationship with him!!